“So much fun. My boys nicknamed her Awesome"

We have known Genna Brown for over 5 years. We never have to remind her about anything. Genna always keeps her cool. We don’t know what we would have done without her. Thank you Genna!

-Alice & Harry L

“Organized, efficient and creative"

Running a household of six people takes organization, energy and ingenuity. Genna has offered all of these things in spades since she’s worked for us. She is impeccably organized, and uses her time efficiently and creatively, getting more done in a four hour window than most people I know. She is incredibly trustworthy and can be relied upon to get things done – and done well!

Her “I got it!” spirit and willingness to take on any task makes her an ideal addition to our home, our family, and the craziness that is our life.

​-​Jennifer M

“Honest and trustworthy"

I am a typical mother with no balance and lots of guilt. Mix in owning my own business and it’s a recipe for HELP on every level. My business is referral based, which makes me more comfortable than working with complete strangers off the street. I conduct most of my life like that as well. But when I started to become desperate for help, I went onto a website a friend told me about, ‘aha connection’.

I looked through tons of pictures and postings of people looking for jobs to help with dogsitting, house management and running errands. None of the candidates struck me enough to call them. But then I saw Genna Brown's picture and bio and my inner voice told me to call her. From the second I spoke to her, I felt like she spoke my language and here we are four/five years later and she is still is a huge part of our lives.

I’ve used Genna in every capacity and she has even helped me at my studio from time to time. She is honest and trustworthy and eager to learn and grow and for me, that is very important. I believe she came into my life to save me and I came into hers to help her become more aware and confident of all that she is capable of. She is my kids emergency contact at school and is thought of like a family member to all of us.

-Stacey B

“Review 12 Stars!!! LoL"

Genna has such a calming and nurturing spirit that its instantly felt once she walks in. I set a very high bar and Genna is way above it. She goes over and beyond every time. She’s like the best ever!

-Jasmine W

“She’s smart, prompt, responsible, and compassionate."

Finding a trustworthy house/dog sitting resource has been a source of anxiety for us. We have 3 sweet rescue pit bulls who we consider our kids. Being in the rescue and dog advocacy world I’ve heard some not so great stories of lackluster dog sitters.

Genna came in for the orientation at our home and immediately made a connection with the dogs. She paid careful attention to all of the house instructions and asked several questions. During the period we were away we received unprompted updates and photographs of the dogs. Most of them laying on her and her loving on them.

When we arrived back home the dogs were happy, healthy and the house was exactly how we left it. You can't put a price tag on that kind of peace of mind. She’s smart, prompt, responsible, compassionate and clean. What more could you ask for?

-Kate T

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