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Personal Assistant

I help busy Atlanta professionals manage their lives outside of the office.

Your career demands a lot of time and energy. After a 12-hour day, you deserve an evening of complete relaxation. And you certainly don’t want to spend the weekend running errands.

Some examples of the support I provide to professionals includes:

• Check on your aging parents, accompany them to doctor’s appointments, and report back to you
• Stock the fridge with all your favorite items

• Bring in the mail, packages,  and paper each day

• Drop off and pick up your dry cleaning

• Bring your returns and packages to UPS/Fed Ex/Post office
• Manage home/vacation home repairs and maintenance on your behalf

• Plan dinner parties and purchase gifts

• Research and book travel plans

• Schedule medical, hair, nail, dinner reservations, and other appointments 

• Remind you of important dates and events

• Fill up your gas tank, get the car washed, and schedule car maintenance

• Water your plants when you are out of town

• Clean up your email inbox

• And more!

We’ll discuss your unique needs and communication preferences and build a relationship that addresses your busy lifestyle.

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Family Assistant

I bring organization, stress relief, and joy to Atlanta families who need help getting it all done.

Managing the needs of your kids, your spouse, and your pets while taking care of yourself is not easy. What if you had a trusted partner to handle the daily grind so you could enjoy all the good stuff?

Different than a nanny, my goal is for YOU to spend time with your kids. My clients enjoy more of their free time because I:

• Handle weekly food shopping at Costco and grocery stores

• Bring returns and packages to UPS/Fed Ex/post office

• Pick up prescriptions and dry cleaning 

• Purchase and wrap birthday gifts

• Fill up your gas tank, get the car washed, and schedule car maintenance appointments
• Plan birthday parties, family gatherings,  and special events

• Run errands of all kinds: Costco, Ikea, pet store, you name it!

• Research vacation options and make travel arrangements

• Find doctors, therapists, and tutors and schedule appointments

• Research vendors, schedule work, and oversee home repairs and renovations

• Assist with care for elderly family members

• Organize closets and pantries

• Donate or sell household items you want to part with

• Maintain your family calendar so you remember important dates and events

• And so much more!

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